When Good Guests Go Bad

What do you do when your guests turn your dream day into a total nightmare? Find out how to avoid these typical wedding day dramas.

When Good Guests Go BadThey’re your friends, family, coworkers…and your worst enemy. A wedding can begin with the best of intentions and then quickly turn into a disaster when guests turn to the dark side.

Are you already having nightmares about what could possibly go wrong? Be proactive and make sure to follow these simple suggestions BEFORE you say “I do.”

1. Guests Arriving Late/Baby Crying and Interrupting the Ceremony

A common problem for a lot of brides and grooms, it’s hard to get caught up in the emotional aspect of your vows when Cousin Jimmy comes barging in right in the middle of a tender moment or little Lucy has a total meltdown. If you’re not the type to shrug it off, think about asking your venue if they have a quiet room with a monitor both moms and latecomers can congregate in as not to disturb ceremony itself.

2. Guests Chatting or Texting on Their Cell Phones During the Ceremony

Can anyone go ANYWHERE anymore without constantly texting or checking up on their Facebook feed?!? Like many social events these days it might be helpful to post a sign outside your venue asking your guests to turn off their cell phones before the ceremony. This message should again be reiterated by your ushers prior to your walk down the aisle.

3. Guests Bringing an Unexpected Plus One

Yes it’s rude, yes it’s stressful, but no, it’s not a reason to totally blow your top. Have your caterer prepare one or two extra plates in advance just to play it safe. In the event that they go untouched, simply have them wrapped up and take them back to your room with you. (Seriously, we’ve yet to meet a bride and groom that actually get to eat during their reception anyway!)

4. Guest Getting Intoxicated and Out of Control

The key here is not to overreact — simply pull a bait and switch. You want your guest removed from the reception, but in a way that’s not obvious and doesn’t cause a scene. Prep a few close friends and family members beforehand and put them in charge of reception “security.” With their help, you can gently suggest a private toast outside and then have a car waiting (with a designated driver) who can then deliver your tipsy friend back to his/her hotel room or place of residence.

5. Guest Failing to Bring a Gift or a Card

What do you say after you’ve plopped down $150.00 a plate and discover that someone you consider to be a close pal couldn’t be bothered to even pick up a $2.00 card? Absolutely NOTHING. No guest is ever obligated to give you a gift (thought good manners say otherwise). As hurtful or irritating this may be, a proper host (bride or otherwise) still takes the time to send a card, thanking them for sharing in your special day. At no time should their oversight be mentioned aloud — just let it go and focus on all the other wonderful people in your life that gave of themselves in effort to make your wedding day special.

36 thoughts on “When Good Guests Go Bad

  1. you really can’t control guests’ arrival time so that no guest arrives late

  2. baby crying in a ceremony….take him/her outdoors

  3. failure to bring a card or gift is being cheap

  4. a guest bring an unexpected guest is out of line

  5. choose your guests wisely

  6. well thats the role of an mc

  7. how do you prevent these disruptions

  8. very bad manners – a trend thats on the rise

  9. I really love the tips here! everyone seems to always be late, it is indeed, disruptive

  10. oh….the bb…social ettiquette….

    I think thats where the role of the MC comes in.

  11. how do we prevent these problems? Persons are so caught up with keeping up to date with their social networks

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