Wedding Venues in Jamaica

Jamaica is noted for its beauty and its white sandy beaches but this year the trend from many destination brides to our island has been to stay away from ceremonies and receptions on the beach. No sand between the toes for many.

This year we have noted an increased request for luxury villas with sea or mountain views and garden settings with a view of creating a tropical laid back reception. I call it tropical chic. Most brides are going with the venue they love and working with the limitations if any of that venue.

Brides are doing it my way and are not letting tradition dictate how they see their special day.

107 thoughts on “Wedding Venues in Jamaica

  1. I hope this comes around again quite soon

  2. I once witnessed a beach wedding at the iberorstar hotel and it was such a beautiful sight

  3. These are a lot of pros and cons though because you take time to identify the months and the weather situation and costs and so forth, your mind set is different helen

  4. i would say december is the best month

  5. I want to see more blogs about grooms

  6. How long have you been doing this business ?

  7. Where do you get most of your clients overseas or within jamaica?

  8. Very unprofessional indeed i agreed, That day is suppose to be special for the client and every thing needs to go right thats just plane rude of them

  9. Just followed you on pinterest

  10. lol Hey why leave out the groom were special too

  11. This is such a nice gesture, your not being paid to for the endorsement but yet still you do it, if more persons did that today the world would be a better place

  12. This is a great idea and certainly a different setting and change

  13. Helen is the best in town, you don’t have to shop around her wedding planning takes the crown!!

  14. These couples stayed at the Riu i can tell by the colour of the hotel πŸ˜€

  15. People people please read, this helps

  16. Since the implementation of the peacock feathers in the wedding decor, has a lot of couples venture in this idea?

  17. Is this don monthly or just once in a while ?

  18. All brides here is the place to be to learn more things so you can plan your wedding

  19. The wedding bag is included in the wedding package that you offer ?

  20. I was going to get married to my girlfriend oversea here in jamaica, it was a private wedding i did not know you had to go through half this process but when its time for me to do so i know where to seek information.

  21. I wonder what the brides won for prizes ?

  22. Mini Crab Cakes with spicy pineapple dip must taste so damn good lol,

  23. Mhmm these late night snacks yum especially saltfish salsa with crackers

  24. i wonder what these cakes taste like

  25. Your work is very remarkable helen i wont lie !

  26. where do you get such fond ideas ?

  27. This couple must have been happy to have smooth sailing wedding in paradise

  28. Lanterns are a good idea for replacing the traditional flowers

  29. i like this idea. Oversea brides would love these

  30. I have been wanting this information for so long thank you Helen now i have a better idea

  31. Would like to hear feed back from persons who attended this event

  32. This offer is still available ?

  33. That tip that she gave to any prospective female photographer is really true you really have to let your heart to guide you and your eyes to see

  34. What would she charge for covering a wedding?

  35. her photographs are very beautiful

  36. What would it cost for this black and white themed wedding with about 50 guests ?

  37. Cant wait to hear what these people say in your upcoming blogs #excited

  38. The backdrop at Strawberry hills would be my pick to get married, the background is really nice and to take lots of lovely pictures

  39. What would be the price range of these cakes thought ?

  40. Great alternatives indeed, but wouldn’t you use these if your renewing your vows ?

  41. All three weddings are pretty exceptional , but out off all three i would choose the waterfall wedding, its different and the location and the atmosphere looks so good

  42. Sometimes you have to change it up and not go with the same old thing all the time

  43. wow all i can say is wow. This looks really good. i love it

  44. These cakes though , they look very pretty and big, certainly no one would have no regrets if they have either one of these cakes for their wedding

  45. I love the setting and how the flowers brings a different in the vase, its really beautiful

  46. This is affordable, formidable, and accessible. I would recommend you to couples who are planing to tie the knot

  47. Waterfall wedding wow this is stunning though, this must be costly and takes immense planning

  48. The personalized bottle of the Jamaica rum is an awesome idea i really like that, what would it cost to get that done ?

  49. Oh my Cheese Cake πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Yum yum i bet for sure if you have cheese cake at your wedding the guests would not wan to leave lol, thats one delicious slice of cake

  50. Quite interesting these things i have to take into consideration when my time comes up to get married in a couple years, these are really important aspects of when your getting married from what i have just realized

  51. These are lovely pictures and the setting of the wedding is so beautiful, i must say Helen you’ve done an awesome job and satisfying these couples with the great ambiance

  52. This I didn’t know about- sharing!

  53. Love this trend!!

  54. Would a beach weddding be better in the day based on natural lighting?

  55. Chocolate Cheesecake please πŸ™‚ <3

  56. I love the chocolate looking one decorated with roses.

  57. Why is floral recommended so highly for wedding occasions though? Is it because the existing atmosphere normally being decorated with flowers and such?

  58. I am in love with the brooch bouquets. Highly considering it for my own

  59. Awesome! I am a crafty bride who knows what I want and how I want it. Most times I can’t rely on others to get things the way I want so I look forward to going through you DIY projects for ideas

  60. I am definately into alternative wedding bouquets and I will be considering it for my own wedding. Just need to get my mom on board lol

  61. love the incorporation of the candles

  62. love it πŸ™‚

  63. got a princess cut

  64. and plan to use bright colours

  65. i am reusing flowers

  66. heard great reviews

  67. I love the last cake

  68. great idea, unique

  69. I like the last one….the pink cake would like nice in white/ivory.

  70. a swot analysis of the venue is important to conduct

  71. limitations will always be present

  72. it is important to work with limitations

  73. garden settings reduce decor cost

  74. i like garden settings too

  75. dont let tradition dictate

  76. probably in portland or st, mary

  77. love the term “tropical chic”

  78. whatever your preference traditional or contemporary, there are locations to suit your taste

  79. imagine a beautiful tropical paradise wedding

  80. so many exotic locations are available for your wedding

  81. Jamaica is so beautiful and prefect for your wedding

  82. Brides are doing it my way and are not letting tradition dictate how they see their special day. love that sentence.

  83. this is just great! brides are adding their own individual touch to their wedding

  84. traditional ….with some twists for me.

  85. traditional wedding with a modern touch is what I wnt

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