Wedding Questions From You

For March 1st and 2nd we are inviting persons to ask us wedding questions about getting married in Jamaica. So feel free to post your questions on these dates  and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Thanks much and looking forward to hearing from you.

32 thoughts on “Wedding Questions From You

  1. still didnt get a response

  2. what really makes you happy being a wedding planner?

  3. share your most memorable experience as a planner to date please.

  4. all these are questions that must be asked when you meet with your wedding planner

  5. whats the cost of your services?

  6. do you have a team that you work with or is it a one man band?

  7. will you provide a day coordinator on our wedding day?

  8. whats the average size of the weddings you normally plan

  9. as a wedding planner will you help us stay within our budget

  10. who are your preferred vendors?

  11. what type of experience do you have?

  12. what services do you provide? is it a comprehensive package or what

  13. how do you keep in touch with your clients?
    this needs to be answered up front, is it via email, telephone, fax or a combinations of means

  14. There are so many questions to ask your wedding planner, I have then listed below?

  15. great idea Helen! post this on facebook too

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