Wedding Jewelry Tips From Helen G Events

Your wedding jewelry before , on and after the wedding day will be an important part of your wardrobe. Here are some things you should know:

1. When selecting diamonds understand what goes into the price. Know the 4 C’s: cut, clarity, carat and colour

2.  Ring maintenance should include twice yearly  visits to your jeweler to check th integrity of the prongs on your settings. A loose setting can lead to a dislodged diamond.

3. To keep your ring sparkling clean it often to remove oils, lotions and everyday dirt.

4. When selecting wedding rings consider buying bother sets together to get discounts for the jeweler and also to possibly coordinate both sets.

5. Look at the details in the engagement ring, a stunning design can make your ring as unique and beautiful as you are.

6. For a personal touch have your band engraved with a loving message.

7. Your rings should reflect your style. If you only wear silver jewelry wearing silver and yellow gold is a no no. Opt of budget for white gold or if the budget allows platinum.

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  1. Diamonds are carved into a variety of silhouettes, but “80 percent are round brilliants,” says Andrew Coxon, president of the Diamond Institute for De Beers Diamond

  2. Poorly placed facets result in dullness, while those with optimum measurements guarantee that distinctive glitz and glimmer.

  3. During the cutting process, artisans sculpt tiny angles — known as facets — into a raw stone, ultimately creating its overall shape.

  4. Cut refers to a finished stone’s proportion, polish, and symmetry.

  5. If you need to stash it when you’re on vacation, store it in the hotel safe.

  6. If you often take off your ring at home, consider an immobile safe or an unusual but memorable hiding spot.

  7. Just remember to put the ring in a secure location (i.e., not on a ledge near the garbage disposal), whether in a kitchen drawer or a jewelry box.

  8. it’s also smart to take your ring off when doing anything requiring lots of work with your hands — or involving water (such as dishwashing or swimming), since it can make your fingers shrink.

  9. A loose setting can lead to a dislodged diamond — so if you want to avoid a frantic search on all fours, consider seeing your jeweler as often as you see your dentist.

  10. Ring maintenance should also include twice-yearly visits to your jeweler, who can check the integrity of the prongs on your setting,

  11. Any brand-name jewelry cleaner is another good option.

  12. Or soak it in equal parts ammonia and cold water for half an hour, and let it air dry.

  13. You can soak the ring in warm water and mild dish washing liquid, and scrub with a soft toothbrush,

  14. To keep your ring sparkling, clean it often to remove lotions, skin oil, and everyday dirt, which cloud it.

  15. the 4cs will determine your cost.

  16. if you are going with the classic style seek to find modern versions of the classics wedding rings

  17. buying your wedding jewelry is so convenient and affordable most times

  18. get a style that suits your PERSONAL STYLE and your wedding theme

  19. measure correctly so that you get the prefect size, especially if you are buying your wedding band online

  20. i want my ring to be engraved

  21. white gold or platinum for me 🙂

  22. or you can take it to the jewelry store and pay them to clean it professionally

  23. hence you see persons with stones missing etc

  24. a lot of persons don’t do ring maintenance….very sad

  25. no need to wear all items of jewelry you own on that special day. Thats so tacky

  26. the wearing of jewelry on your wedding day in my opinion should be kept to a minimum,

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