Wedding Ideas: Don’t be Afraid to DIY!

Wedding Ideas: Don’t be Afraid to DIY!

We’ve rounded up some great DIY tips and projects from industry experts. Add an element of yourself into your wedding decorations and planning with these DIY ideas!

Wedding Ideas: Don't be Afraid to DIY!Some brides are just crafty, and love doing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects for their wedding.  We talked with some industry experts to get some great DIY tips to give your wedding a personal touch.

GM: What’s an alternative to use instead of traditional ribbon?
Sharon Zimmerman – Naturally Ever After: If you’re a do-it-yourself bride, the jute cord really allows you to do a lot of different creative things, and you can put that on your wedding invitations, you can put that around your favors, you can tie on tags, you can tie on ribbons and bows to just about anything.  Jute cord is an alternative to ribbon that is more environmentally friendly and it comes in a variety of colors, so you use it just like ribbon, and just to decorate in general.

GM: How can you personalize shoes?

Darcy Miller – Martha Stewart Weddings: One way to personalize your shoes is to dye them a great color. There is nothing that says your shoes have to be white, obviously you can dye them to match your dress but they can be your something blue or they can be a surprising bright red. You can do something fun, and then there are also tons of other embellishments you can put on your shoes. You can find some vintage clip earrings, some inexpensive buttons, any kind of fun sparkle, feathers, and clip them to an affordable pair of shoes and all of a sudden they feel like a designer pair of shoes that would normally cost a lot more.

GM: What’s something special we can do for guests instead of traditional favors?
Cindy Zingerella – Engaging Events: I think a great do-it-yourself project for a bride would be in lieu of having a favor at the wedding, to put together a welcome box or bag for her guests that are coming in from out of town. I think it’s a great way to personalize and a nice DIY item.  There’s no time pressure, she can do them in advance, and they don’t have to be done the week of the wedding. She can take the time to shop around for what she wants to have in those welcome boxes, or baskets for her guests and really personalize it.

GM: How can I do my own makeup?
Anabelle LaGuardia – Makeup by Anabelle: Set up a consultation with a makeup artist who can give you a lesson along with a face chart that will plot everything out for you.  Bring a family member or friend, someone that can take notes, who’s good with makeup that can help you out the day of the wedding. Make sure you have all the products you need, and make sure it’s easy and understandable to follow. Take a polaroid of yourself after your lesson so you have that as well in addition to your face chart.

GM: What’s a great DIY project I can do with my bridesmaids?
Melissa Bigner – Charleston Weddings Magazine: Another thing that I’m seeing is do-it-yourself flowers, where you’re, instead of having a florist do everything you go to a local wholesaler, you buy up what they’ve got, and then you get your bridesmaids together, and you sort of have a bridesmaids luncheon that’s a flower gathering and bouquet making party.  Then those flowers are used in the ceremony and at the reception.

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  1. Wedding candle centerpiece arrangements being used outdoors do best if they are enclosed in some kind of holder so the wind doesn’t blow them out.

  2. When you find candles you like, make sure the burn time is long enough and that the candle burns properly.

  3. Round out your designs with dried flowers, by placing a single large candle in another container such as a bowl, basket, box or on a platter

  4. Consider tinting the water with food coloring or adding glass pebbles, leaves, rocks, sparkles or marbles to the water.

  5. Floating candles give a fresh and calming ambiance to a table.

  6. or combine with shorter elements such as gourds,

  7. Tapers – Taper candles in holders create an elegance all by themselves

  8. Several candles of different heights bunched together are really all you need for a stunning centerpiece for a nighttime reception.

  9. Vary Heights – For a balanced pleasing wedding candle centerpiece arrangement that looks interesting be sure to use various heights or shapes of candles.

  10. There are many decorative votive holders to choose from such as colored glass,

  11. The votive holders are a must for an outdoor wedding where wind conditions will likely blow any open air candles out.

  12. Votives With Tea Lights – Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate candles into your centerpiece design is to use tea lights with decorative votive holders.

  13. If your reception is in a small space indoors you may want to use a mixture of some scented and unscented to keep the scent airy and light.

  14. Be sure to choose a scent you love and one that won’t overpower the space.

  15. A light scent will fill the air and can be enticing and lovely.

  16. Scented – Don’t rule out scented candles for your wedding!

  17. Or, the candles can be directly incorporated into your flower design as in this example:

  18. with Flowers – Simply adding a few scattered tea lights around your flower arrangements still adds a great deal of romantic ambiance to your reception tables.

  19. Candles – Using an assortment of candles is also beautiful and functional centerpiece.

  20. Something fresh and green is beautiful – you can have pops of color elsewhere.

  21. Or how about tree branches or ornamental grasses?

  22. Non-Flowering Plants – Use clear glass vases with lucky bamboo.

  23. stacks of leather bound books

  24. carved wooden tiki figures,

  25. Be Unusual, No Flowers – Think outside the flowers and use something completely unusual as a wedding centerpiece

  26. This creates a lovely and crisp clean style, almost minimalist. How about single Gerbera daisies in colorful vases

  27. Go Minimalist – A few flowers in colorful vases is very eye catching, cheap and easy to do yourself.

  28. Even aquarium pebbles, purchased in bulk could give amazing pops of color.

  29. Other alternatives are pebbles, rocks, sand and even fruits. Here are examples of Cheap Fruit Centerpieces that use lemons inside the vases.

  30. Colored glass is a way to round out a cheap wedding centerpiece and give it extra oomph.

  31. Decorate Inside Vases – Use decorative colored glass inside your centerpiece vases with flowers, or alone with floating candles.

  32. This is perfect for a spring or summer wedding, and the results are sophisticated looking yet it is still a cheap wedding centerpiece.

  33. An assortment of non-matching vases or glasses looks wonderful with bunches of colorful wildflowers.

  34. Even drinking glasses or a water pitcher could be used as vases in an arrangement and hold single stems of flowers.

  35. If you arrange them in bunches in the center of tables it will look casual and unique.

  36. Mix & Match – Buy mix-matched glasses and vases from 99cents store or other thrift stores for a colorful, feminine look.

  37. If you do want to decorate your venue, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a festive, celebratory look.

  38. You also don’t want elaborate decorations blocking your guests’ view of the ceremony.

  39. you don’t want to be upstaged by decorations.

  40. you and your spouse-to-be should be the focal point of the ceremony;

  41. Just be sure to plant them early enough that they have time to grow before the wedding.

  42. Or, if you have a green thumb, save some money and plant some pots yourself.

  43. for the altar, use rented potted plants or trees and decorating them with lights and ribbon.

  44. Or use the garland and lights to decorate the rafters of a gazebo, park pavilion, or garden bower.

  45. wrap pillars in garland and clear miniature lights.

  46. Depending on your tastes, you can cut designs into the bags or decorate them, or you can simply choose white bags or ones that match your wedding colors.

  47. You can find all the materials you need for luminarias at your local craft or dollar store.

  48. they can make a lovely addition to your wedding ceremony, too — and they’re inexpensive.

  49. Luminarias are tealight or votive candles placed in paper bags weighted with sand.

  50. For an evening wedding, place luminarias next to the seats on each side of the aisle. Just be sure to secure them so guests don’t knock them over.

  51. If your ceremony site allows it, you also can line the aisle with fresh or silk flower petals or wedding confetti.

  52. You can purchase ready-made bows or make them yourself with materials from your local craft store.

  53. simple bows serve as lovely pew markers or seat decorations.

  54. Check your local party goods or dollar store for balloons and blow them up yourself; helium is expensive and helium-filled balloons present an environmental hazard when they float away.

  55. For an outdoor wedding, use balloons to cover a garden arch at the entrance to the ceremony site.

  56. Balloons are an inexpensive way to decorate the entrance of a church or other building.

  57. Balloons are a great DIY decorators tool

  58. I love jute bags for wedding favors

  59. DIY spell ‘savings’ all the time

  60. they can have the memories forever

  61. basically one can so may DIY things

  62. DIY like the magnetic clothespin chart is easy to do

  63. doing things yourself gives you something to be proud of

  64. anything to save money works for me

  65. loving these! especially the one about the environmentally friendly option to ribbons

  66. true….explore….have fun….saves $$$

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