Wedding Cupcakes Please


Wedding Cupcakes? Is this making a comeback???  I think it is. This was so popular a few years ago and late this year I have had a number of brides requesting it.

Please note when selecting this style please still keep your designs in good taste. Remember its your wedding and not a kid's birthday party. You have to live with the pics and the choices made years to come.

All that said enjoy!!!!!

143 thoughts on “Wedding Cupcakes Please

  1. Basket Cupcakes – suitable for the country chic wedding

  2. ABSOLUTELY LOVELY is the Budding Beauty Cupcake

    • If you’re craving towering tiers and buttercream, this staggering confection is proof that you can serve cupcakes without sacrificing those classic-cake moments. Inspired by tradition, this vanilla cake is fresh, fun, and meant for sharing

  3. Twenty-Four Carrots cupcake

  4. so many styles when it comes to wedding cupcakes

  5. you might ask Are cupcakes really a good alternative to a wedding cake?

  6. the versatility of cupcakes

  7. cupcake decor/art is cool

  8. so many things to do with them

  9. breakaway cupcakes are nice too

  10. i see that you are a cupcake fan

  11. you can have an assortment of cupcakes unlike the traditional wedding cake

  12. Wedding cupcakes are chosen for several reasons

  13. normally its the eating of the cake that is remember after the wedding and not the cutting of it

  14. if you dont want to cut the cupcake, you can just peel the wrapper and the bride takes a bite and then feed the groom a bite from the same cake

  15. you can use cupcakes too when you are doing your cake-cutting at your wedding

  16. they can be customised to fit your wedding needs

  17. wedding cupcakes are versatile

  18. I have seen cupcakes in a CUP lol

  19. pink and red cakes are beautiful

  20. so many choices when it comes to cupcakes

  21. incorporating your Groom’s hobby on his special day

  22. instead of the traditional groom’s cake you can have Billiard cupcakes

  23. cupcake pops on lollipop sticks can be used as a centerpiece, so its a decoration and a dessert

  24. you can make a cupcake bouquet – I am loving this

  25. they have creative ways of including cupcakes on your special day

  26. cupcakes open up a whole new world for brides

  27. what are monogram cupcakes?

  28. Monogram Cupcakes are great too

  29. 3 different cupcake sizes are stack and decorated it looks like a mini wedding cake

  30. the berry Delicious is like a meringue, split and filled with strawberry-rhubarb compote and cream whipped with creme fraiche – lovely choice for a cupcake theme

  31. for the chocolate lover there are the chocolate infused cupcake

  32. the bunch of flowers on the cupcake resembles a bouquet

  33. I am seeing some really trendy ways of doing wedding cupcakes – the cupckae with a bunch of roses on top

  34. they can try pudding even cheesecake

  35. esp. for persons who are not cake fans

  36. i think its making a comeback

  37. im definitely not for wedding cupcakes as a replacement for the wedding cake, but as a gift to guest yes or for dessert

  38. lolol! would love to see some pics

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