Wedding Budget Tips From Helen G Events

If you are getting married in Jamaica and are on a budget two things you might consider especially if you are staying at an all-inclusive resort are:

1. Just have a cocktail reception instead of a full dinner. Why pay for something your guests can get for free afterwards or are already paying for. Most resorts will charge you for that reception dinner even though you are staying on property. Prices usually start at US$50 per person.

2. When you check in, you can look at the restaurants they offer and you can book tables for dinner at one and just go in and have dinner after the ceremony together.

At Helen G Events we encourage you not to let family, friends and tradition run the budget but do what fits your budget and what you are comfortable with and best of all, happy with.

12 thoughts on “Wedding Budget Tips From Helen G Events

  1. Think off-peak season and save thousands!

  2. definitely….try not to overspend….but your budget can be revised.

  3. make sure you create a wedding budget and capture all money paid and to be paid

  4. *shouldnt – correction to above sentence

  5. remember life continues the day after.

  6. great advice here! A marriage is just one milestone. you should overspend on it

  7. Budget….budget….budget

  8. different, but one should also remember that a wedding is only for the day…and life continues….ive seen where some persons only have a champagne and cake reception.

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