Wedding Budget Tip

For our Jamaican brides, if you are seriously on a budget as this is truly a recession year, at Helen G Events we suggest scaling back on everything. You can have your ceremony done at the Registrar General's Department for under $10000 and then you can have a small intimate dinner at a friend's home or at a restaurant for under $30000 for a group of 25 persons.

Seriously the best wedding I have been to was one where it was only 15 of us, we did her bouquet and the grooms boutonniere and she had a one tier cake, and all of us took pictures and gave to her and she had her reception at a local restaurant. It was intimate and nice and fun.

If a year later or a few years later you see some extra cash you can always have a bigger anniversary party.

20 thoughts on “Wedding Budget Tip

  1. alot of persons are not aware of this

  2. RGD needs to promote this more

  3. I have this done for my wedding

  4. A scaled down wedding is great on the pocket

  5. if you ask most couples planning their wedding what is their main challenge…..i bet you it is the budget,

  6. true thing…..scale down

  7. so true on the last paragraph, have something small if that is what you can afford. couple years later you have try for something lavish

  8. I am bookmarking this article

  9. what do I get for the $10,000 – just the venue for the ceremony and the marriage officer?

  10. never thought of having a wedding in this manner thanks for the idea

  11. this is just such a lovely idea

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