Unexpected Guest Book Ideas

Below are two unexpected or unusual wedding guest book ideas:

1. At your wedding loved ones and friends can pen their well wishes on a  small wooden bench for your porch or verandah as we call it in Jamaica.  Also a bright canvas can be used which you can frame afterwards.

2. Another unusual or unexpected guest book idea is a Rolodex style guest book. Cards in an array of patterns and colours are available and guests can write messages to the couple on one side and their contact information on the other. Clear plastic card sleeves will protect these for years to come.

107 thoughts on “Unexpected Guest Book Ideas

  1. whatever wedding guest book you choose, above all make sure it reflects your personalities

  2. Silver trays are a variation on the theme of the ceramic tray, but with the added bonus that they are harder to break!

  3. Your guests can use a special ceramic marker to sign a platter or other piece of pottery,

  4. Another wonderful alternative is to frame your favorite wedding reading or piece of artwork, and have guests sign the mat.

  5. Have your engagement photo framed with a wide white mat, and have your guests sign the mat board.

  6. Have your guests sign a memento that you can display in your home, keeping the memories out in the open rather than up on the bookshelf

  7. Turn a keepsake into a wedding guest book

  8. Rather than your guests just writing down their name, address, and a short “Congratulations”, ask them to write their favorite memory of you, advice for a happy marriage,

  9. For a larger wedding, consider renting a photobooth, or asking your photographer to have an assistant take the pics, which can be added to a guestbook later

  10. These are better for smaller weddings, as each book has 30 pages,

  11. friends and family take a photo of the fun they’re having. Then they easily slip the photo into the slot, and there’s plenty of room to add an extended note.

  12. they are a simple books with a slot especially sized for a Polaroid

  13. you can use I love Adesso albums and a Polaroid camera as a wedding guest book.

  14. Make sure everyone signs it!

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  17. guests drop their wishes in an etched glass jar

  18. keepsake box….where guests write their wishes

  19. On every table is an individual guest book; three sheets of card stock were folded, sewn at the crease, and backed with book cloth using double-sided tape. The table number was printed on card stock and tied to the book with ribbon woven through slits at the edges.

  20. the embossed guest book- i like

  21. orgigami guest book display

  22. colourful cards in a candy jar

  23. Martha Stewart suggested the following:

  24. creating a scrapbook with the couple’s engagement picture and get each guest to sign and write a note

  25. for the GARDEN wedding – some can sign a cut log

  26. create a wedding tree and each guest signs a leaf – AWESOME

  27. for a beach theme – OARS can be used as guest book – Im so loving this very unique

  28. mini plates can also be used – guest sign the plates and these are used to decorate the couple’s wall at home – very unusual

  29. photo strips is another great idea

  30. there is the twigs in the vase idea – persons sign and put their message on a branch

  31. some persons make a mosaic and have their guests writing a message

  32. mini envelops is another great idea

  33. i have seen some persons using the thumbprint approach – so unsual

  34. guests signing the rocks is a really lovely idea

  35. its a great way of personalizing your wedding

  36. I really love the unusual stuff

  37. I love the Rolodex guest book idea

  38. at least something different than the traditional guest book.

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