Things We Love At Helen G

1. Cuff links please

2. Quirky escort cards – we love creativeness

3. Notes or well wishes vase on the guest book table

4. Typewriter guest book

5. Charger or base plates

6. Wedding cake ice sculptor

7. Newlywed Nibbles – the bride and groom hardly eats at the wedding. Have items for them to nibble on when they get to their room is always appreciated.

32 thoughts on “Things We Love At Helen G

  1. anything fresh and new to add to this list Helen G

  2. Am sure couples that are fond of tradition would love the Typewriter guest book

  3. my darkness has being and is still being enlightened. Thank you.

  4. a really awesome resourceful blog.

  5. loving the quirky escort cards idea

  6. notes or well wishes vase is very popular.

  7. wow type write guest book…..vintage

  8. #7 is good…..also a bottle of water or some juice after the ceremony would be great.

  9. loving the cuff links idea

  10. I have never seen the wedding cake ice sculptor

  11. I love the chargers too! A friend introduced me to them and I use them instead of place mats

  12. you really have a passion for hat you do! it shows in your “Things we love” segment

  13. I love your tips as usual Helen!

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