The Skinny on The Rehearsal Dinner

Some rehearsal dinners are so lavish and the guest list is so large that it rivals the wedding itself, other are casual and family focused and are budget friendly, whatever route you go if you are having a rehearsal dinner the following information can assist you to make some serious decisions:

Who Pays for The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner? Traditionally the grooms parents pays for the rehearsal dinner, but given the economy today, other family members sich as grandmothers and aunts help foot the bill.

Who Should Attend The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner? Anyone at the wedding rehearsal plus significant others. Some couples especially destination brides invite out of town guests also.

When Should They Be Invited? At least 2 weeks ahead of  the date and please do request rsvp's

Where? Anywhere from a private home to a restaurant. Just be sure its close to the rehearsal site.

Decor? Thats really up to you. But you can have some simple arrangements added to tables or you can be as lavish as you want.

Time? Arrange to wrap up early instead of partying all night. A hung over bridal party does not look good in wedding photos. For example the last wedding we did a bridesmaid got  badly burned in her chest from drinking some volcano shot drink at a rehearsal dinner. The photographer spent huge amounts of time trying to edit the bandage from the burn from the pictures.

49 thoughts on “The Skinny on The Rehearsal Dinner

  1. . Have the rehearsal earlier in the day (or later at night) and opt for appetizers or desserts instead of a full meal. If everyone in your wedding party is available at an earlier or later time, contour the rehearsal around a creative option in which you might eat before the event, or just before bedtime. Many people might actually appreciate lighter fare instead of a heavy meal, or just drinks and conversation.

  2. Have the dinner at the church, synagogue or place of worship. You can probably book space for a rehearsal dinner in the fellowship hall or a smaller room that can accommodate a wedding party.

  3. Use coupons. Of course, you can do this discreetly

  4. Opt for pizza. Chances are you know a few great pizza places near you that can accommodate a larger group (usually no more than 50 people).

  5. . Have a potluck dinner, or create a potluck theme (Hawaiian, picnic, Italian, etc.). No debt. Enough said.

  6. Small invitations are generally good etiquette for the rehearsal dinner and should be prepared by the groom’s family.

  7. Go to your favourite restaurant.
    There should be no haggling about who attends the rehearsal dinner. The general list is you, your bride, both sets of parents, wedding party and any other family members who may not be in the wedding party. Beyond that, you are not required to invite anyone else.

  8. To save money, you could plan a barbeque at home, or a casual buffet dinner at your favourite restaurant.

  9. if it is a sml wedding skip the rehearsal dinner

  10. this reminds of Jumping the Broom

  11. The rehearsal dinner is a good time to go over any last minute details with your family and wedding party

  12. It’s not required that you send out invitations for your rehearsal dinner,

  13. Your rehearsal dinner should have a different style and menu than your wedding.

  14. the rehearsal dinner is typically a relaxed atmosphere

  15. The rehearsal dinner can also be the opportunity to relax and unwind before the wedding

  16. I guess its an opportunity to thank your family members and friends so its a good idea

  17. or just have a social…after the rehearsal

  18. I think it is a cost that can be eliminated

  19. it’s great for bonding and breaking the ice.

  20. this is a great way to de-stress n bond b4 big day!

  21. is it really necessary to have a rehearsal dinner?

  22. believe one should do this on a shoe string budget.

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