Thank You Notes

At Helen G Events we suggest that when you receive your showers gifts and wedding day gifts please do send thank you notes promptly.

Guests may have one year to give you a gift, but you should never take more than 3 weeks to acknowledge receiving a gift from your wedding shower or wedding days guests.

In each note be sure to mention the gift specifically, as well as how you may use it. It doesn't have to be long, 3 sentences can do the trick.

55 thoughts on “Thank You Notes

  1. i would still take a gift after a year

  2. some gifts will always be remembered

  3. Put a big check mark next to the guest’s name when the thank-you note has been signed, sealed, and delivered — this is the part you’ll enjoy most

  4. if the gift was money, mention how you plan to use it: “Thank you for the generous check. We are using it as part of the down payment on a house.”

  5. Be sure to write a few words about the gift so you don’t get confused. You’ll never remember which of the 10 crystal vases your Aunt Alma gave you, so be specific: “Waterford Balmoral vase.”

  6. Equip yourself with pens that you like to write with.

  7. buy yourself some great wedding stationery.

  8. people like to feel appreciated

  9. definitely write a few words about the git received

  10. you dont have to write all the thank you notes at once

  11. as soon as the gifts starts to arrive, start writing your thank you notes

  12. a great tip is to make sure that you save your wedding invitation list so you can use it to send your thank you notes

  13. well probably overseas ones do

  14. do they really send a gift after 1 year?

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