Requirements For Getting Married In Jamaica

Before you can get married in Jamaica, there are certain requirements which must be fulfilled. Don’t worry, they are not difficult. Here’s the list:

1. You must arrive on the island at least 24 hours before the wedding ceremony

2. You must have a marriage licence, which should be obtained prior to your arrival. To obtain a marriage licence, certain documentation is required. They are listed below:

1.  Full Names
2. Marital status
3. Occupation
4.  Age
5. Father Name
6. Copy of Birth Certificate
7. Photo page of Passport or D/License

The Information requested is for both parties. If divorced you will need a copy of the divorce decree.

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  1. one will also need the groom and bride

  2. when something is important it is worth repeating

  3. Remember the copy of your divorce decree

  4. important for destination wedding planners to know this

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  6. critical information for persons overseas

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  9. a officiant of your choice may conduct the ceremony, BUT a local marriage officer MUST be present to sign the marriage form and also to make the official marriage prouncements

  10. only a marriage officer licensed in Jamaica can legally marry a couple

  11. french Canadians need a notarised translated copy of all their documents and also a copy of the original french documents

  12. a copy of their marriage certificate must be forward to the embassy to be legalised and translated

  13. Italians nationals celebrating their wedding in Jamaica are required to notify their embassy

  14. if you are under 18, parent’s consent is required

  15. notarised documents are required

  16. in Jamaica, its important to note that you are not required to do a blood test

  17. great and very useful information

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