Peacock Feathers All The Rage

For weddings in Jamaica this year and next year we have been having requests to incorporate peacock feathers or build the wedding theme or color scheme around peacock feathers. At Helen G I can personally say we just love the rich blue combined with the green in the feather. See some images below:


$1.5 million dollar peacock wedding dress



37 thoughts on “Peacock Feathers All The Rage

  1. […] did a post a few years ago Peacock Feathers All The Rage and at that time we were getting alot of requests to incorporate peacock feathers in wedding […]

  2. it has been around in fashion for a while

  3. definately an eye catcher

  4. if you are going with this theme they recommend a peacock feather bouquet

  5. the matching eye makeup is too much

  6. green floral centrepieces

  7. one can have a green flower pomander

  8. definitely for the elaborate and fussy

  9. the blue (teal) with the green is a nice combination

  10. i thibk the peacock make up is a bit too much

  11. imagine having a real peacock at a wedding reception……
    i knw Appleton Estate has one

  12. definitely, but i believe asians may go for it.

  13. isnt it heavy? too elaborate and pricey

  14. well….the peacock dress is just too extra..

  15. Its too much for me! Pricey dress tag, coordinated make-up to match the green-blue. Not my style at all. Give me the traditional dress and wedding

  16. nice ring…wish them the best.

  17. lovely….saw pics of a wedding with this theme recently.

  18. well its not my style but hey……fashion someone must like it

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