A Helen G Oh No Trend!!!

Some Jamaican brides of late have been of late inviting everyone to the church and some to the reception, I am not talking just a family dinner but a full-blown reception. What is your take on that? My take if you can’t invite me to everything dont invite me at all. Dont make it seem as though […] Continue reading →

Guest Book Ideas

No longer are we using just the standard traditional guest book, brides today are looking for different and creative ideas for their wedding day guest book. Below are a few: 1. Stones or River rocks sometimes in the wedding coloured that guests can write on placed in a clear glass container 2.  For a budget friendly guest book […] Continue reading →

Looking For Colour Inspiration

Saw this link on facebook posted by our friend at An Extraordinary Affair in Idaho: Fabulous link for you to pull some inspiration for colors, the foremost color group that sets the trends every year. Colors, inspiration boards and more.. check out all this website has to offer you.  Pantone. www.dessy.com/pantone Share this info with […] Continue reading →