Escort Cards – 5 Things To Know

1. An escort card is often confused with a place card.  Whats the difference? An escort card indicates guest table assignments while place cards are found on tables and tell guests where to sit. 2.  Arrange the cards in alphabetical order of your guests last names. 3. Position them near the entrance of the cocktail […] Continue reading →

Lash Tip – Lash Out

Sometimes a strip of false eyelashes will make you look like you are headed for a party or the club and not your wedding. Unless you want to go super glam ask your make up artist to apply lashes individually. Please note do not do a double row, honestly doing a double row tends to […] Continue reading →


Wow lots of  bamboo elements being used all around.  Brides are requesting bamboo for everything, for arches/arbors for lounge area / cabana construction and even for pew ends or aisle and ceremony arrangements.  I even managed to snag a bamboo easel for one wedding which is divine. I love the use of natural materials for weddings […] Continue reading →

Naomi Campbell is Set For Life

Naomi Campbell is Set For Life April 23, 2010 by:  Ani Esmailian  Naomi Campbell is a lucky lucky girl! She’s about to marry one of the richest men in the world–Vladislav Doronin. Naomi and her zillionaire man Vladislav have been talking about tying the knot forever, and it seems like her dreams of having a multi-million dollar wedding are closer […] Continue reading →

Simon Cowell Puts Off Wedding

Simon Cowell Puts Off Wedding April 26, 2010 by:  Ani Esmailian Is Simon Cowell getting cold feet? Sure sounds like it! Simon was going to marry Mezhgan Hussainy this September, but according to a close pal, the wedding has been postponed. Simon insisted they were going to have multiple weddings this year, Britain, the U.S., and the Caribbean, but […] Continue reading →

Gift Ideas For Your Groom

Below is a list of gift ideas or things you can do for your groom come wedding day: 1. If your groom is into wines a special bottle of wine or even a special bottle champagne would be a good gift 2. If he is a foodie something especially prepared by the chef for him at the reception 3. A special gift […] Continue reading →