Uprofessional Conduct

I had a great weekend with my clients. They were happy. As a wedding planner my primary job is to ensure that come wedding day all that they requested is done and I take this job very very seriously. I was also the decorator and florist for this event so even more so. I Helen […] Continue reading →

Grooms Cakes for Weddings In Jamaica

Grooms Cakes????  http://pinterest.com/jamaicaweddings/grooms-cakes/ I just don't get it. Ok I have only had a few requests for grooms cakes from local clients which never materialized. It has been discussed but a Jamaican bride has just not done one. I am yet to do a wedding with a grooms cake. But it seems to be a trend […] Continue reading →

Why Get Married In Jamaica

We found the article below from The Knot on why anyone should get married in Jamaica and thought we would share it? Why Here? Why Get Married In Jamaica? The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica offers much more than just sparkling beaches and turquoise water. It also evokes the melodies of Bob Marley, […] Continue reading →