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Wedding etiquette to some degree is very important. We always encourage brides getting married in Jamaica to do their own thing or what feels best to them but in some cases following the rules is always best. Below is one wedding etiquette tip we feel is very important:

Wedding Etiquette Tip – Greet each guest personally –  Of course you talk to every guest when you throw a dinner party. But at your wedding, which maybe the biggest event you will ever host do you really need to. definitely. People who have taken the time to share this day with you must be personally acknowledged.

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  1. Guests pay for their own transportation and lodgings.

  2. Many couples that have lived together for awhile will not register for gifts. That’s because they already have everything they need. In this case, cash in a wedding card is appropriate.

  3. It’s wise to give a cash gift to couples that are getting married out-of-town because they will have to ship everything back home and that’s an added cost to them.

  4. If you have sent a wedding gift through the mail, then you don’t have to bring another one to the reception.

  5. The gift should be something that they can both use.

  6. You have to buy the couple a gift.

  7. If you are of a different faith, you are not required to participate in the rituals, but if you want to that’s fine.

  8. If you are late for the ceremony, you should walk down an outside aisle and find a seat quickly and quietly.

  9. If you arrive at the church during the procession, you should wait until the bride has gone down the aisle before entering. Also, don’t peek through the doors to watch because you’ll be in her photos.

  10. If you have declined an invitation, you are not expected to send a gift.

  11. Don’t assume that the couple knows you’re coming to their wedding. You must send back your reply card before the “Reply by” date.

  12. You’re not required to open your gifts at the reception or in front of anyone.

  13. You have to put return postage on your RSVP’s.

  14. Send your parents and wedding party invitations, as a keepsake. They don’t have to reply.

  15. Your officiant and their better half get an invitation

  16. If someone hasn’t responded to your invitation, 1 week past the “Reply by” date, call him or her and confirm over the phone.

  17. In some cases you have to cut straight to the chase and say what you mean.

  18. How many people know or understand etiquette is my question

  19. important to do what is right

  20. etiquette can either make or break you

  21. important to follow protocol

  22. etiquette carries one a long way

  23. important to have manners

  24. turn off cellphones….no bbing

  25. when you are late, you should slip in quietly and find the nearest seat in order not to disrupt the ceremony

  26. if someone decline your invitation they are not obligated to send a gift

  27. interestingly there are etiquettes for guest too. Guest should respond to the RSVP so that the bride knows that they are coming

  28. assign table numbers and placements

  29. try to seat persons either by their relationship or age

  30. on the matter of etiquette, dont seat relatives who dont get along together.

  31. their presence their is important

  32. definitely…makes your guests feel valued

  33. yeah this shows sincere appreciation….

  34. this is a must do! so important

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