Mind Your Manners

For wedding etiquette does matter. At Helen we believe being gracious hosts guarantee very happy guests. Here are some ways you can be gracious hosts:

1. Pick your wedding date carefully

2. Don’t make guests wait

3. Think your menu through

4. Cover all the weather bases

5. Keep your guests budgets in mind when you register for gifts

6. Be thoughtful about seating single guests – this can be tricky, do you seat them all together or sprinkle them across the room. If you don’t have enough single guests to fill one table, make sure you seat them at a table where they will know other people. Another option is to ask them at which table they would like to sit, this way they will be comfortable. If budget is not an issue you can also allow them to take a guests.

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  1. and hopefully provides an incentive to start writing thank-you notes immediately.

  2. this organization makes writing and sending thank-you notes much easier

  3. also keep the enclosure card and receipt for each gift.

  4. Keep a detailed list of who sent gifts as you receive them;

  5. If the pricier items are the only ones left, be sure to add some less expensive items

  6. Check your registries throughout your engagement period (especially two weeks before and one week before your wedding), and add items as needed.

  7. Let your family and wedding party spread the word about where you’re registered.

  8. Be respectful of your different tastes!

  9. Try to register together with your spouse-to-be or at least discuss each other’s likes and dislikes before registering.

  10. Feel free to list “gift cards welcome” on your registry.

  11. Don’t be concerned with having too many items on each list; your guests will appreciate having options to fit any budget.

  12. Of course, it’s okay to register for some pricier items, as well; often friends and family go together to purchase one larger, more expensive item, such as a new grill.

  13. Many national stores have lots of fun and useful, less expensive gadgets that make great gifts.

  14. List items in different price ranges on each of your registries.

  15. Consideration is key, whether you’re working with the gift consultant, settling matters of differing taste with your beloved, or choosing your items with a range of prices in mind:

  16. Registering for wedding gifts is fun, but remember your etiquette!

  17. Using a wedding gift registry makes it easy for friends and family to shop.

  18. Registering for Wedding Gifts

  19. Address the inside envelope with exactly whom you’re inviting. For example, writing “Mr. and Mrs. Swanson” tells your guests that just the Mr. and Mrs. are invited, not their children.

  20. Do not include gift registry information or gift suggestions on your invitations. And never, ever, handwrite anything on the invitation.

  21. For a ceremony in a house of worship, use the word honour to show reverence to God, as in “request the honour of your presence

  22. For invitations to semiformal and informal weddings, you can use numbers freely.

  23. For invitations to semi-formal and informal weddings, you can use numbers freely.

  24. Also spell out days of the week, dates, months, times, and numbers in addresses for invitations to black tie and formal weddings.

  25. The Etiquette of Writing and Addressing Wedding Invitations

  26. If either you or your spouse-to-be has children, you should absolutely include them, too.

  27. Children count toward your final number, and, if space is limited at your reception, you may have an easier time making your decision. Keep in mind, though, your flower girl and ring bearer are part of your wedding party, so you should invite them

  28. If you’re having a casual garden wedding in the early afternoon and your motto is the more the merrier, by all means, invite children

  29. If it’s a black tie affair and your reception begins in the evening, you may have to deal with a few meltdowns as children become tired.

  30. Before you make the decision, consider the type of wedding you’re having.

  31. Determining whether to invite children can be tough.

  32. However, inviting everyone on your team except one person isn’t appropriate.

  33. If your budget allows, you can follow the unwritten rule that says to invite the co-workers and business acquaintances you socialize with outside of work.

  34. Remember, no hanging invitations on workplace bulletin boards!

  35. Don’t feel obligated to invite co-workers because, after all, you may not work with them six months after the wedding.

  36. Don’t include “and guest” in the hopes that they won’t bring one because they probably will.

  37. If your budget doesn’t allow for each single guest to bring a date — and many couples’ budgets don’t — address the invitation appropriately.

  38. Also, if your budget allows, give the single members of the wedding party and any single family members the option of bringing a guest.

  39. If any single friend or family member is in a long-term relationship, invite that person and his or her significant other by name even though they aren’t married.

  40. Remember that the guests at your wedding are your “witnesses,” so they should be family and close friends whom you care about and will stay in touch with for many years.

  41. As a general rule, always invite family first.

  42. It may be Jerk Chicken, fried fish and bammy in Jamaica

  43. Turn your wedding reception into its own culinary vacation by creating a menu featuring regional specialties.

  44. Go Regional with your menu

  45. A little menu planning can easily woo the crowd. Here are ten tantalizing tips to make your wedding meal memorable — and have your guests licking their lips:

  46. all the above are important from the planning stage

  47. an online registry is also a great way for being mindful of your guests

  48. keeping your guests budget in mind is so important for registries.

  49. think your menu through is important, also important to offer something for vegetarians

  50. the last one i attended the bride had to rush her reception…as she only had the venue for a few hours, as there was going to be another event in the ballroom…..that threw off the event.

  51. I’ve been to weddings where we wait on the wedding party for eternity…hence food becomes cold.

  52. these tips help to make ur guest comfy and u will be in d event!

  53. the tips above are very very important

  54. yeah…so true…and more persons will read them

  55. have you ever thought of posting some of these tips on facebook? some people use a mobile so they are not able to click links and come over to the blog

  56. this is key! something that needs to be emphasized over and over

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