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Lots of couples in Jamaica are now looking for alternatives to the regular catered venue where they can do their own thing. A few private homes with lots of space are now opening up in Kingston. Cost effective too. If you are on a budget this may be the way to go.

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  1. some of these topics are so close

  2. because it will be one decoration cost

  3. having the ceremony and the reception at the same location will cut cost

  4. its important that a visit is done to the location to see the level of decoration that would be needed

  5. thats why its important to have an appointed on the day wedding coordinator

  6. sometimes a private home is a bit hassling if u DIY

  7. most private home doesnt need alot of decorating too

  8. this is the most cost effective way!

  9. very important, and a wedding at a home or on a lawn when decorated nicely will be lovely.

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