Lash Tip – Lash Out

Sometimes a strip of false eyelashes will make you look like you are headed for a party or the club and not your wedding. Unless you want to go super glam ask your make up artist to apply lashes individually. Please note do not do a double row, honestly doing a double row tends to make you like you have feathers on your eyes.  Do do use a professional.

21 thoughts on “Lash Tip – Lash Out

  1. not my type of thing at all

  2. which ever bride chooses to lash out do it carefully please.

  3. i know that Asians like to lash out

  4. Its important that you feel comfortable wearing them.

  5. there are thick versus thin, natural versus dramatic, long versus short

  6. make sure you find the right pair suitable for the look you want

  7. it also allows you to find out if you are allergic to the glue

  8. if you have to wear false lashes – the experts say that you should get them on the day before, so that you get accustom to them so that you are not blinky blinky during your wedding

  9. Im not a lover of the fake eyelash but to each his own

  10. so true….and its good to be yourself on that day.

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