Jamaica Weddings Eye Do’s

I read some of these tips in an article years ago in a bridal magazine and a few are from personal experience with brides. Below are some wedding eye do's:

1. Never wax your brows the day of or day before your big day. You just may get burned by hot wax and its never a good look. I would say give yourself a week

2. 3 to 6 months before: As hard as it may be to resist, dont pluck or wax your brows during this period. Why? You want to grow your brows out completely so that a pro can find your perfect shape come wedding day.

3. 2 months before get lusher lashes with an eye lash conditioning cream. This help promote growth and make lashes look thicker.

4. For eyelash extensions please do not wait until wedding week to do this for the first time. You just may not like it. Do oh do try it at least once 2 t0 4 months before the big day to see if this is the look you are after and if this is the right person who will do a good job of it come wedding day.

5. If you have sensitive skin please forgo waxing and try threading which is  a more gentler process that devotees like myself believes gives a more cleaner and more defined shape.

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  1. just in case you have a bad reaction (sometimes you can get a little rash because the shaping is an unknown experience to your skin) this gives your skin a few days to calm down and look great on the day of your wedding.

  2. For those brides shaping their brows for the first time before their wedding – make sure you wax, thread or pluck a good few days in advance,

  3. Wedding photos last a life time, ensure your eyebrows are brushed into place before your close up photos begin.

  4. Shape your eyebrows a day or two before your wedding day, this will save time on the actual day.

  5. Using hair spray on an eyebrow brush works in much the same way as eyebrow gel.

  6. the gel will provide some hold and stop the hair from moving so easily.

  7. if your eyebrows tend to move out of shape easily purchase an eyebrow gel to use on your wedding day,

  8. Firstly don’t be influenced by eyebrow trends, rather stick to a classical shape that looks groomed and flatters your eye area.

  9. Start shaping your brows at least 3 months before your wedding, this way you can tweak your eyebrow shape to perfection before your big day.

  10. First prize would be to have your eyebrows threaded – this is an ancient technique used to twist the eyebrow hair out of the follicles using cotton thread.

  11. By waxing your brows the first time you will be able to maintain the shape by plucking out the unnecessary hairs every few days.

  12. Waxing is over quickly and much less painful for most women.

  13. Plucking your eyebrow hair is even more accurate than waxing, however for first timers it is rather painful to pluck out one hair at a time.

  14. Shaped brows open up your eye area and create an impactful illusion for the eyes – as you can see from the example below.

  15. Scruffy, unkept brows create a masculine look, which most women don’t realise until they have actually shaped their brows and see how elegant their eye area can actually look.

  16. As a bride to be, before you can even consider what make-up look you are going to wear for your wedding day, you need to pay attention to the shape of your eyebrows

  17. Avoid matching your eye shadow colour to your eye colour.

  18. Your eyes can be enhanced in so many different ways

  19. A basic rule of makeup is to either play up your eyes or your mouth

  20. haha….no eyedos 2 days b4

  21. no waxing or threading on your wedding day

  22. Keep the brow shape classic, and as close to your natural growth pattern as possible to create a classic, yet elegant look on your wedding day.

  23. Avoid very thin, too sharply arched, or a rounded shaped brows. This can look very dated in the wedding photos, much like a too trendy hairstyle.

  24. Avoid looking too trendy in your wedding photos.

  25. Consider Going to a Salon to Have Eyebrows Shaped

  26. Never Do Eyebrows Within Two Days of the Wedding

  27. Don’t Be Afraid to Opt For a Natural Eyebrow Shape

  28. Decide on a Shape Months Before the Wedding

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