50 thoughts on “Inside Westminister Abbey

  1. I am wondering what was the total cot of the Royal wedding

  2. Royal Wedding florist….wow….a real Royal

  3. Almost 30,000 flowers will adorn the Abbey on Friday, including lilac blossoms and azaleas. Many of the flowers and green cuttings will come from the Royal Estates of Sandringham and Windsor.

  4. The Daily Express has previously reported eight 20-foot-tall trees along with seasonal British flowers are part of the decoration inside Westminster Abbey. English field maple and hornbeam trees as well as azalea, lilac and rhododendron flowers will adorn the aisle as Royal Wedding florist Shane Connolly explain the display would symbolize that “everything is sustainable, renewable and appropriate”.

  5. Then, many of the trees will be taken to Highgrove Gardens where they will be planted. The couple have asked that many of the cut plants and flowers and all the growing plants be donated to charities or re-planted.

  6. The tree, which weighs more than half a ton and is 18 years old, will be part of an “avenue of trees” which will line the aisle leading to the altar.

  7. A 20ft-high English field maple was hoisted into the abbey by five men

  8. they had decorative trees

  9. the scenery is just AWESOME! Must have been a grand wedding

  10. I would love to visit there

  11. the decor for this royal wedding must have been $$$$$$$$$

  12. the hanging crystals is nice

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