How To Pack For Your Honeymoon

Pack light. Choose clothes that you can mix, match and layer, and remember to bring a bathing suit and one formal outfit. You may also want to plan on purchasing an outfit or two at your honeymoon location as a fun memento!

Be romantic. Don’t let packing light get in the way of passion and romance! Bring some sexy lingerie, massage oil and anything else that may enhance your honeymoon experience (like those pink fuzzy handcuffs you received for your bachelorette party!).

Rely on in room amenities. Find out what your hotel provides FREE with each room (shampoo, conditioner, a hair dryer and alarm clock are standard). Any item waiting there for you doesn’t need to be packed!

Check the weather report. You don’t want to be stuck in cooler weather with only itty bitty sundresses and sandals!

Capture memories. Pack your camera and/or camcorder along with memory sticks, film and tapes. Also, bring along plastic, re-sealable bags in a variety of sizes to store mementos such as sand and seashells. They can also prove handy for packing damp swimming suits or keeping your camera safe from water damage.

Don’t pack duplicate items. Pack your bag at the same time as your honey to avoid bringing duplicate items such as contact solution, toothpaste, nail clippers, aspirin and sunscreen.

Roll your clothes. Folded clothes can take up more room in your luggage, so try rolling clothes to take up less space!

Keep must-haves in your carry-on. Airline tickets, identification, travelers checks, credit cards, cash, prescription medications, contraceptives and important phone numbers should all be packed in one of your carry-on bags in case of lost luggage.

Remember to pack the extras. An extra pair of glasses or contacts, an asthma inhaler and other important extras can help make you more comfortable and your honeymoon run more smoothly!

Include a collapsible bag. You’ll want an extra bag for your trip home to fill with souvenirs or dirty laundry, and this bag will provide the additional space!

Be sure to jazz up your luggage with fun tags such as these white leatherette luggage! Black embroidery is used to identify the tags as “Mr.,” “Mrs.” and “More Mrs.” On the other side of each tag is a clear window with a card to be filled out with your name, address, phone number and email. A definite must-have for your first trip as a married couple!

45 thoughts on “How To Pack For Your Honeymoon

  1. Pack a surprise. There’s nothing like finding a beautifully wrapped gift on a pillow your first night together as Mr. and Mrs.

  2. If you’re on a budget, pack things like sunscreen, sunglasses, and skin lotion rather than planning to buy them at a vacation resort, where they’re often expensive.

  3. Make sure your name, home, and vacation address are on a luggage tag and somewhere inside the bag you pack as well.

  4. You wouldn’t carry the same things on a safari vacation as you would on a trip to the tropics or Europe

  5. Pack right for the weather.

  6. Choose your vacation luggage carefully. While togetherness is great, it’s advisable for each of you to pack at least one bag of your own for clothes and toiletries.

  7. A honeymoon can be a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

  8. All you need to know as the “Lovers Escapade” awaits… 🙂

  9. be prepared for a romantic time

  10. coming to jamaica, please remember your sunblock

  11. pack all you need as its a period for relaxing and romance not shopping

  12. just pack the essentials and “love”.

  13. Great advice….pack light.

  14. most definitely on the rolling. thats what I do when I travel abroad

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