How To Get Your Wedding Dress To Your Destination Safely

We get asked this question so frequently, what is the best way to carry my wedding dress? See below for our answer:

If you are flying, you can usually make arrangements with your airline in advance. First-class cabins have large “coat closets” that can be used for bridal gown storage. If they do not allow you to make these arrangements in advance, let the check-in attendant know you are carrying on your wedding dress and they can make special arrangements for you (like put your dress in the flight stewards closet).
If your plane does not have a first-class area (on airlines such as Southwest), it is highly recommended that you package your dress  in a large box and ship it to your destination in advance, carefully packed in tissue to hold its shape. Regardless of the method you choose, look into having your dress pressed at a local cleaner upon your arrival. Your hotel’s concierge and or wedding coordinator can help with this.

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  1. its very important to be prudent!

  2. planning and organising yourself is very important

  3. most hotels has a wedding co-ordinator, they will hold your dress until you arrive

  4. dont totally agree with the shipping point….prob bcuz i dont trust it.

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