How Do We Decide Which Set Of Parents To Tell First?

You are engaged!!! He popped the big question and you said yes!!!! Which set of  parents do you tell first? I get asked this question a few times especially from engaged couples who don’t live in the same country or their parents are in different locales. Typically the brides parents are told first with the grooms parents being told very soon afterwards.

After everyone is told the grooms parents should contact the brides parents whether through a phone call or email. If the brides parents are divorced, the parent that raised the bride should be contacted and then a call to the other parent only if the bride and that parent still have a close relationship.


10 thoughts on “How Do We Decide Which Set Of Parents To Tell First?

  1. – the ones who are likely candidates for maid/matron of honor and best man, or definite attendants in some capacity.

  2. Then share the news with a few close friends

  3. If you’re a traditional couple, the groom may already have asked her parents for her hand in marriage.

  4. Traditionally the bride’s parents know before the groom’s do, but any order is really fine.

  5. so they’ll have a chance to see your happiness up close, look at the ring, and start talking about the wedding.

  6. Both of parties should be present and ideally to tell your parent(s) in person

  7. never knew that there was a procedure to follow at all

  8. The bride’s parent I agree!

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