Hot Requested Wedding Colors

This year we have been receiving alot of requests for weddings in purple, fuschia and tropical colours such as yellow and coral.

We are really loving the purple right now . We did a sample table setting with it and its looking fabulous.

Some persons are keeping it muted and going with an all white or ivory theme.

At Helen G Events we have our ear to the ground and we are one of the top planners in Jamaica so I will keep you posted on the hot trends for those getting married in Jamaica this year.

35 thoughts on “Hot Requested Wedding Colors

  1. navy, yellow and chambray

  2. Bright blue as the ocean or as dark as the night sky…

  3. yellow was hot for the summer and spring

  4. purplegoes with a lot of colors

  5. I am loving that people are no longer going for a all white wedding

  6. if you want something dramatic then purple with red

  7. purple and white is very royal

  8. purple with yellow is lovely

  9. Plum with lavender is great

  10. the purple especially the PLUM is a very beautiful color that can be mixed and matched

  11. prob purple and pink and pastels

  12. i wonder what the hot colours are for 2012

  13. cool,…purple is believe was hotter.

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