Helen G Bridal Fashion Tips

At Helen G Events we love to see our bridal parties look well put together, here are some ways to achieve that:

1. If where open toe or peep toes shoes please pay attention to the toes as it will peek out from beneath your dress.

2. Cuff links especially from the groom

3. When trying on your dress, focus on the fit not the size. I know this is hard to do, but come wedding day its the fit that will matter.

4. Remember your attendants come in all shapes and sizes. Please do be considerate and kind when it  comes to their dresses.  A popular trend is to let each bridesmaid select a style that’s flattering to her in the shade you have selected.

5.  Oh and guy’s please present a clean pair of shoes come wedding day.

16 thoughts on “Helen G Bridal Fashion Tips

  1. applies to bride, groom and the bridal party

  2. appearances say a lot on your wedding day

  3. make sure you have a pedicure

  4. #5 yes i totally agree! love seeing some shiny square point gents

  5. important information here Helen G

  6. #5…..oh my please….pretty please, especially the shoes bottom

    make sure the shoes is polished.

  7. #4 so true….everyone has different body types

  8. #3 for sure….the fit….sizes can be adjusted.

  9. #1 is becoming very popular….coloured pumps.

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