Hairstyle That Doesnt Look Stiff But Will Last

One hairstylist suggests that the key is to choose a style that works with your hair naturals texture. Long and short don’t curl  very straight hair, dont straighten curly hair. This way you wont need so many products to keep your hair in place as it’s the build up of products that leads to a stiff glued look.

Also a few strategically placed booby pins can help hold hair in place thus reducing the need for too much hairspray.

16 thoughts on “Hairstyle That Doesnt Look Stiff But Will Last

  1. trust your hairdresser’s instincts

  2. dont try new products on that day

  3. stick to what best works with your hair type

  4. your hair is the background of your face so its very important on the way you look

  5. yes, I love when the hair moves so less hairspray for real

  6. do what works for u best.

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