Escort Cards – 5 Things To Know

1. An escort card is often confused with a place card.  Whats the difference? An escort card indicates guest table assignments while place cards are found on tables and tell guests where to sit.

2.  Arrange the cards in alphabetical order of your guests last names.

3. Position them near the entrance of the cocktail hour venue (but not at the door) or in the center of the space, so guests can approach from all sides. Not doing a cocktail hour?  The table can be placed near the reception entrance but not at the door.

4. For a couple, one escort card will do.

5. For formal weddings use titles (Dr., Mr and Mrs) for casual weddings first and last names only are ok

52 thoughts on “Escort Cards – 5 Things To Know

  1. yes…more for a formal wedding

  2. the ideas can be built upon

  3. yes…..for a formal wedding or informal

  4. guests can enjoy them after the wedding

  5. you will have alot of fun creating them

  6. you can easily design them based on your theme

  7. you can show off your personality and creativity by how you display these

  8. over the years, brides have gotten creative

  9. the key to making your escort card unique is to make the display as unique as possible

  10. the ideas above can be used or built up to creative a new idea

  11. seems like this is for a formal wedding

  12. A really unique idea would be to have a water fountain and float the cards on saucers and have your guests retrieve their cards from the fountain

  13. You could also get frosted votive candleholders and use clear labels on which to print the names and table assignments. Your guests would then take the lighted candles to the table adding to the table decor.

  14. Another idea is to have a tree and hang the cards from the branches.

  15. The most common way that escort cards are displayed is as tent cards on a table outside of the banquet room in which the wedding reception will be held.

  16. Amanda Jameson & Guest – if an invitee has brought with them a guest whose name you do not know

  17. Dr & Mrs. Oliver Williams – for a married couple

  18. Adam Scott – the full name of your single guest

  19. while the place card tells the guest where to sit, this is normally at the table

  20. An escort card inform your guests of their assigned table

  21. as a souvenir, that would be a great idea

  22. are guests able to take home theirs?

  23. they even add to the decor.

  24. really great idea, less confusion

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