DIY Guestbook – A Storyline Guestbook


This is a fun and entertaining guestbook alternative for your wedding and guess what its cheap.  Its similar to our seating cards hung on a line that we posted earlier that was used by one of our brides (pic above) for her wedding in Jamaica. You will need the following items to make this DIY GuestBook:

White Card Stock / Cuts of fabric so u can create a quilt


Different color pens

Cord or twine

3 containers

a table


1. Cut card stock or fabric into little squares

2. Hand a line at your wedding reception with twine or some sort of cord

3. Place  3 containers to hold cards or fabric, pens and clothespins on a table

4. Post a sign instructing guests to write on the cards a funny story about you, your spouse or about you as a couple

This will be a hit at any wedding and you can create your own quilt with the fabric  or hang a large frame with the cards and laugh or cry at the stories told.

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