Colour Colour Everywhere

At Helen G Events this year for most of our brides pink, green, lavendar and purple are all the rage. Lots of colour this year.

Gone are the traditional reds and golds. Brides want to go all out and are willing to take alot of colour risks. We are also seeing blue and chocolate. We are loving it. We love when brides do whats in their heart and not what traditions dictates.

15 thoughts on “Colour Colour Everywhere

  1. dont do what tradition dictates

  2. silver and yellow is heavenly

  3. i was a traditional red and gold

  4. Yes! go with your heart’s desire as its the order of the day,that’s the reason why you are getting married to that special person isn’t it!

  5. Out with the Old and In with the New!

  6. chocolate brown is becoming very popular these days

  7. this seems to have continued into 2012

  8. Amen….what’s in the heart is important.

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