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Centerpieces with Water Pearls

A lot of clients when they come into the office are on a budget or are looking for different ways to create their own centerpieces. On our Facebook page we have been featuring centerpieces with water pearls and floating beads as budget friendly options for persons looking for something affordable yet beautiful.

For the centerpieces with the water pearls and floating beads you can choose colors based on your events color scheme as they are available in a wide range of colors.

Below are some of the featured centerpieces with Water Pearls that we have created:

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DIY Centerpieces

Having an office party or entertaining at home this upcoming holiday season? On our Facebook page jamaicaweddings and on this blog each week we will featuring DIY Centerpieces and party decor ideas for this upcoming season. To sign up to receive notifications of when we are doing a love video please visit Below are some […] Continue reading →