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Jamaica's Wedding Trends

Ombré Wedding Decor

Ok Ok I can't hold it any longer. Whats hot right now is Ombré Decor for weddings it's everywhere. Celebrities are loving it. We will be featuring a wedding with it this summer. So we will have some local pics for you. From flowers to nail polish to sheets to dresses to rugs . It's […] Continue reading →

Peacock Feathers All The Rage

For weddings in Jamaica this year and next year we have been having requests to incorporate peacock feathers or build the wedding theme or color scheme around peacock feathers. At Helen G I can personally say we just love the rich blue combined with the green in the feather. See some images below: ( $1.5 […] Continue reading →

Square Is In

Its now hip to be square. Square containers are now in for your wedding see a sample of what we have available for rent at: See below some arrangements with square containers   Share this info with others Continue reading →

Wedding Cake Toppers

Couples are now spending more and more time making sure that they have the absolutely perfect cake topper for their wedding. Whether is grandma's topper from her wedding cake or getting one designed,  cake toppers have now taken an important role when it comes to planning that perfect wedding day.  Below are some cake topper […] Continue reading →