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How To Create A Wedding Budget


Newly engaged?? Congratulations!! But before you go calling and interviewing wedding vendors or booking a venue, STOP and figure out your budget!  The only way you can stick to a budget is to make sure you set one before you start spending.

Before you put pen to paper to figure out or create your wedding budget you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What kind of wedding do I want to have? A small, intimate ceremony with immediate family only? A big celebration with a large group of family and friends? The type of wedding you want to have will influence how much you’ll need to make it happen, plain and simple. You may even want to figure out what the average wedding cost.

2. What time of year do I want to have my wedding?

3. What is my color scheme?

4. What is my estimated number of guests and number of persons in my bridal party

5. What parish will I want to get married in? If I live in Kingston will I be doing an out of town wedding.

All the above factors will affect your budget and costing.

What is The Actual Wedding Budget?

Once you’ve got an idea of the type of wedding you want to have, make plans to sit down with all the parties involved in contributing to your big day. Use the time to find out how muchnor what everyone will be contributing to your big day. It’s not necessarily fun to have these conversations, but it’s oh-so-important if you want to plan your wedding without going over budget! Please ensure thar these committment are firm. You do not want tp plan expecting a goat or cake or the bar from a fmaily member only to find out a month from your wedding that you will still have to pay for any one of these items because someone dropped out.

Once you’ve factored in the amounts your family is (or isn’t contributing) you should make a savings plan. Take into account both of your personal savings and your monthly budget. Determine how much money you both can save over the period of your engagement to put towards the wedding.

To create your wedding budget. add the figures from your family contributions to your personal savings, plus the money you’ll save over the course of your engagement to reach your total budget. Once you’ve calculated that budget total amount, then you’re in the clear to start making decisions and putting down deposits.

How Do I Stick To My Budget Plan?

The biggest mistake that you can make when it comes to your budget is to overspend! If sticking to your budget is a priority to you, and especially if there’s a chance of you accumulating debt if you go over budget, I highly recommend looking at your overall budget ad figure out how much you want to spend on flowers, your cake, rings, dress and sticking to the amount set no matter what. It will be hard and you may want to copy everything found on Instagram and Pinterest but you must stick to the budget plan.

The rule is simply "Do not spend more than you have". Simple in theory, more challenging in practice. Do your best to and focus on what’s actually important to the two of you and not what everyone wants or what you think will make a good impression with your friends.


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