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Wedding Planning & Floral Classes

HELEN G Event Planning and Design Basic Wedding Planning and Basic Floral classes  will start on  Saturday November 2, 2013  at 9:00am  in Kingston.  Registration has begun and will close on  Friday October 11, 2013.  We will be recruiting persons from our classes who perform well to work with us on events. Call 876-541-7772  or […] Continue reading →

Getting Married In Jamaica!!!

At Helen G Events we are committed to helping persons getting married in Jamaica and with that we are happy to announce that we have a new website and blog that will feature Jamaica Wedding Vendors, Packages, Services, Deals and Discounts!!! Check out  and its blog We are now the number 1 source for information […] Continue reading →

Samsung and Usain Bolt Foundation Event

Great Project – We helped put this event together by providing location search services for the event as well as production assistants, decor rentals and catering for all the days of the workshop. Click the links to see pictures from the event Continue reading →

Uprofessional Conduct

I had a great weekend with my clients. They were happy. As a wedding planner my primary job is to ensure that come wedding day all that they requested is done and I take this job very very seriously. I was also the decorator and florist for this event so even more so. I Helen […] Continue reading →