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Do You Need To Have The Same Number Of Bridesmaids & Ushers / Groomsmen?

We get asked this  question alot. You don’t need to ask someone you don’t like to be in your wedding party just to make up number.  If you are worried about the processional or recessional order two ushers can escort one bridesmaid or one usher can escort two bridesmaids or the bridesmaids can walk alone.

In this wedding one usher escorted two bridesmaids. Its done alot so don’t worry about how it will look.

8 Wedding Rules That Can Be Broken

Found this article online, thought you would find it interesting Learn which traditions have been changed or forgotten in modern ceremonies By Alexandra Gekas Posted April 20, 2011 from   Spring is upon us, which means that wedding season is in full swing. But while wedding celebrations are often steeped in tradition, not everything […] Continue reading →

Escort Cards – 5 Things To Know

1. An escort card is often confused with a place card.  Whats the difference? An escort card indicates guest table assignments while place cards are found on tables and tell guests where to sit. 2.  Arrange the cards in alphabetical order of your guests last names. 3. Position them near the entrance of the cocktail […] Continue reading →

More On Wedding Etiquette

Wedding etiquette to some degree is very important. We always encourage brides getting married in Jamaica to do their own thing or what feels best to them but in some cases following the rules is always best. Below is one wedding etiquette tip we feel is very important: Wedding Etiquette Tip – Greet each guest personally […] Continue reading →

Thank You Notes

At Helen G Events we suggest that when you receive your showers gifts and wedding day gifts please do send thank you notes promptly. Guests may have one year to give you a gift, but you should never take more than 3 weeks to acknowledge receiving a gift from your wedding shower or wedding days guests. […] Continue reading →

Mind Your Manners

For wedding etiquette does matter. At Helen we believe being gracious hosts guarantee very happy guests. Here are some ways you can be gracious hosts: 1. Pick your wedding date carefully 2. Don’t make guests wait 3. Think your menu through 4. Cover all the weather bases 5. Keep your guests budgets in mind when […] Continue reading →