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  1. How do we post pictures Helen G?

  2. Please note to qualify for the prize posts are to be made by the bride getting married

  3. still waiting on the pictures

  4. Callessia Coote and Nevil Brown, met through a mutual friend and started dating, the two soon became inseparable. Just after 8 months Nevil proposed and the wedding is scheduled to be at Church of the Holy Spirit, Cumberland on August 31, 2012. With 50 close friends and family in attendance. Like any relationship there have been trials that they had to overcome one such is the in laws. However with the love that God has blessed them with they are willing and able to get through this and any obstacle that may get in the way of a life which is meant to be spent together.

  5. almost everyday i check this post for an update

  6. looking forward to the contribution

  7. can’t wait for the responses.

  8. I will pass on this to others

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