Bridal Shower Ideas

Planning the bridal shower is a labor of love. But the bride to be will appreciate this gesture and would love to relax and unwind just before the wedding with her close friends.

Planning the bridal shower traditionally is left up to the maid of honor and bridesmaids, but today really anyone can host. See our top bridal shower planning tips, plus get bridal shower game ideas, see our favorite bridal shower invitations, and get decor advice right here.

1.  Nothing says "bridal shower" more like welcome guests at the door with a delicious fruity drink like a mimosa.


2. Give out fun and cute but inexpensive party favors such a scented candles and bath gels and soaps or even match boxes with the brides initials.


3. Create a jaw dropping focal area. For a jaw-dropping buffet backdrop, create your very own balloon arch by attaching balloons of various sizes and colors onto a chicken wire frame. For extra pizzazz, mix in some fresh flowers.


4. Shower the bride to be with good advice. Have each guest write a piece of marital advice onto an inexpensive wooden spoon, bundle them together in a Mason jar, and send the bride-to-be home with a "Recipe for a Good Marriage."


5. Amp up the decor by adding a little sophistication but staying within budget by making some of the items yourself. For example spraying old glass bottles and making your own napkin rings or even renting small but expensive looking containers and using only a few blooms. Making a small flower chandelier as shown below can also be a great idea.



6. Use Glitter. Glitter-adorned miniature Champagne bottles can work double-time as place cards for assigned seating or as bright party favors that guests can bring home.


7. Decorate the bride to be chair. Make sure she knows she is the guest of honor by decorating her chair.


8. Have guests sign a champagne bottle. Party favors aren't just for guests! The bride-to-be can carry home this chalkboard-painted Champagne bottle covered with well wishes from her guests.


9. Rather than framing pictures as decorations, suspend them from balloons for a truly entrancing display.


10. Create or buy or get designed cute and fabulous bridal show invitations as this set the tone for what is to come.


11. Try bite size food. Too many times I have been to bridal showers and see guests unable to enjoy themselves as they have this big plate with food and also their glass plus a handbag in tow. Try a mini sandwich like a BLT. Not only are these Mini BLTs easy to make, but they are also a delicious treat that your guests (and the bride-to-be) will love.


12. Bridal shower games are no longer a must but if you do decide to go that route please choose modern and crowd appropriate games. 

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