Alternatives To The Traditional Bouquet

At Helen G Events we encourage originality.  Many brides are now searching for alternatives to the traditional bridesmaid bouquets. Some of these items we have used and some came from a discussion on bridal tweet:

  • a single flower stem, such as a call stem with a ribbon
  • wrist corsage
  • Conch shell with flowers
  • parasol
  • pomanders/kissing balls
  • evening bag pouch
  • lantern
  • fans
  • bible, prayer book, rosary (for very religious wedding)
  • hand held venetian mask

110 thoughts on “Alternatives To The Traditional Bouquet

  1. The bride doesnt have to walk down the aisle with anything in her hands if she does nt want to

  2. the first one is good, especially if you have a tight budget

  3. what is a hand held in Venetian mask?

  4. wow…a bible….very unique

  5. evening pouch bags are cute

  6. the conch shells with flowers are nice

  7. wrist corsages for bridesmaids

  8. i would still go for the bouquet

  9. I would really love to post some pictures, sometimes its better to visualize something than read a description

  10. there are so many fantastic options.

  11. for the environmentally friendly person there is see-through biodegradable umbrellas

  12. for the beach wedding there is a shell bouquet

  13. if you want BLING there is sparkly and festive beaded bouquets

  14. if it is a Chinese wedding a FAN can be carried

  15. a bouquet sewn from felt with buttons sewn on

  16. there is the candy bouquet

  17. another option is a simple elegant clutch

  18. instead of a floral bouquets some persons carries a bouquet made of feather in your wedding colors of course

  19. the possibilities are endless

  20. interesting that the Bible is included

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