Alternatives to a viel

First you have to consider how you want to wear your hair and consult with your hairdresser on this.  But a romantic ostrich feather comb can perfectly accessorize any type of updo. If you are wearing your hair down a jeweled headband is a great option.

For short hair brides a great alternative to a traditional veil is a stunning birdcage hat and net or even the net alone.

58 thoughts on “Alternatives to a viel

  1. in chosing your alternative make sure that it complements your dress

  2. a simple flower in your hair makes a statement

  3. persons are using some very lovely bando

  4. another alternative is a hair accessory

  5. traditional not vintage for me

  6. I am a traditional veil persons… not feeling the birdcage look at all

  7. Birdcage veils give a vintage feel

  8. i think birdcage veils…go better with 4b/c type natural hair.

  9. it all depends on the gown.

  10. i have to go and google this birdcage hat, I am a veil person

  11. i would like to wear the birdcage veil.

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