Airbrush Makeup Pros and Cons

Sue The Make Girl Air Brush

Photo by Sue The Make Up Girl

Many brides request airbrushing for their big day and there is no doubt that airbrushing when done correctly is gorgeous and gives you a flawless look which is hard to achieve with regular make up. But there are some things you must think about or consider before you decide on this option for your big day. Please see some of the pros and cons below:


All Day Stay

Most air brush make up is silicone based which is water resistant and gives it the ability to last all day for your wedding. If you sweat alot have allergies to certain products or get sun burned before your big day please inform your make up artist.

Flawless Finish

Airbrushing allows for make  up to be applied evenly those creating a smooth finish.

Minimal Make Up

Airbrushing requires less product for more coverage.

Easy to Layer

With airbrushing you can apply layers of make up because its a fine layr and it dries very quickly


​Can Be Flaky

Airbrush make up is great on moisturized and hydrated skin. If your skin is on the drier side it may look flaky if skin is not prepped properly.

Hard to Re-Blend

​If you end up crying as most brides do it streaks and is hard to blend or fill in compared to traditional make up. But if it was applied properly you should not have an issue.

Limited Shade Options

More Expensive

As a bride you want to look your best on your big day so we normally have our brides do some research, check out the social media pages of  make up artists in Jamaica and do make up trial with their top 3 make up artists of choice and see which one satifies your needs and helps you look fantastic.

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