107 thoughts on “Affordable Wedding Centerpeices

  1. Strewn in a few recycled vases, you’ll be surprised by how beautiful they can be!

  2. Calla lilies can be a cheap option, mainly because they are such large and impressive flowers you only need a few of them for a simple and modern look.

  3. It is a good idea to practice creating your arrangement before your wedding, to make sure that you are happy with it and to test how long your particular flowers will last.

  4. Even if you work with a florist, there are ways you can cut costs while creating one of a kind displays that compliment your wedding theme.

  5. You can also get creative with vases and even non-flower arrangements.

  6. Doing your own table arrangements is one of the easiest ways to save a chunk of money on your reception costs, especially if you use flowers that are in season.

  7. However, as the cost of flowers skyrocket, this becomes a stress rather than something fun. Don’t let it!

  8. Your table arrangements might be considered the most important element of decoration at a reception dinner.

  9. great discussion we have going here

  10. you can have centre pieces with candy and have paper bags with your guest names on it for them to fill

  11. centrepiece can double as decoration and as wedding favours

  12. a simple vase with flower is very very affordable

  13. glass candelebras can add a traditional look

  14. or rocks can be used to jazz this up too

  15. or shells for a beach wedding theme or petals

  16. glass beads in your wedding colors can be added

  17. glass bowls with water and floating candles is another simple and cost effective idea

  18. you can scatter confetti or petals on them too

  19. different height pillar candles will give it an interesting look

  20. a great idea is to place candles on a mirror tile

  21. affordable centre pieces are quite popular in weddings

  22. you cn involve other members of your bridal party too

  23. the best way to save is to do them yourself

  24. the rose centrepiece is lovely

  25. the candle centrepiece…looks very English

  26. not in for the paper flower centrepiece.

  27. white centrepieces for an all white wedding.

  28. the bulb centrepiece is cool…very earthy.

  29. the fruit centrepiece is cool….never really seen it done at a wedding in Jamaica.

  30. carnations are very affordable.

  31. balloons are more for parties too

  32. however, i think they are really outdated for weddings

  33. balloon centrepieces to me are nice for showers.

  34. for an oriental themed wedding a great centre piece is a bonsai tree

  35. some persons uses candies, lollpops and other sweet delights

  36. candles are prefect for evening (night) receptions not for a morning wedding

  37. candles create a romantic feel

  38. candles and fruits seem to be a favorite as well

  39. th centre piece is important as it sets the tone and style of your wedding

  40. the rose centre piece is very lovely too

  41. Im not feeling the herb centre piece for a wedding at all

  42. Rustic Harvest Centerpiece so suitable for a country style wedding – LOVELY

  43. the Bulb Centerpiece is economical

  44. the red carnation centre piece shown above is lovely

  45. The balloon centrepiece is lovely

  46. the rose centre one as well as the one shown above are great too

  47. oooh gosh, there are so many useable ideas here. I love the rustic centerpiece, I would most definitely do the balloons in the ceiling too

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