8 Ways To Save on Wedding Flowers


Follow these money saving tips to get beautiful wedding flowers on a budget:

1. Prioritize  – Spend your money where guests spend most of their time. For example if you are having a wedding reception guests spend about an hour in your designated cocktail area versus 3 hours minimum in your dinner and dance area so you want to focus more on this area more.

2. Think Bright Colors –  If you are into flowers and you are on a budget and need to save money on your wedding you can use wonderful bright colors in cheaper blooms to create drama. It will still look like you spent a ton of  money. See carnations used below: 


3. Accessorize – Decorate those glass containers. Use mirrors and candles to create drama. By simply scattering fresh roses petals around the base of a centerpiece you make it look like you spent a ton of money. 

4. Re-Use You Flowers – Large pieces and even pew ends or aisle markers can be reused at your cocktail and reception location. Even your bridal party flowers can be reused on your headtable or as centerpieces as shown below.


5. Use Potted Plants – Using potted plants as table pieces can be a wonderful idea. In the picture below I bought an orchid wholesale for less than Jamaican $2000 and just repotted it in a wonderful container to make the tablepieces below:



6. Keep It Simple – By keeping your centerpiece simple it will cost you less to have a florist do them, less on the cost of flowers or you and you friends can possibly do it yourself. DIY centerpieces!!! My fave go to centerpiece if you are on a budget is shown below. Simple blooms or stems orchids submerged in water:


7. Be Creative – This and keeping it simple can also go hand in hand. Find ways to cost your wedding flower cost by using less flowers or finding creative items that can replace flowers. Some brides use gems and floating candles in glass containers to cut cost and it still looks wonderful.

8. Cut Your Bridal Party Flowers – Choose smaller bouquets for your bridesmaids and MOH or cut the number of persons in the bridal party. This is a great way to save money on your wedding.

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