5 Bridal Beauty Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Face these potential bridal beauty mishaps now, and you can avoid them later!

Let’s be honest, whether you’re a beginner with makeup or a seasoned beauty queen, all the stress of wedding planning can really throw off your beauty regimen. Worried about potential hair and makeup disasters? Here are five of the most common bridal beauty mistakes. Face them now and you can avoid them later!

Mistake: You trusted the new girl at the salon and now your hair is some funky shade of orange!

Avoid It: If at all possible, stick with your usual stylist for all coloring and DO NOT try any dramatic changes right before the wedding! If you don’t have a stylist yet, start looking ASAP! Ask friends and family members for recommendations. Got a wedding planner? Who’s better to ask than someone that’s been in the business for years and has seen plenty of haircuts and updos, good and bad?

Mistake:  You tried to shape your own eyebrows and now they’re too thin!

Avoid It: Well-shaped eyebrows can make your eyes appear larger and your face look slimmer, so whether it’s waxing, tweezing or threading, get your eyebrows shaped by a professional! Schedule your appointment four to six days before your wedding to make sure all the redness is gone.

Mistake: You didn’t want to spend the money on a trial run appointment, and now your makeup artist has you on eyeliner overload!

Avoid It: Face it – the extra cost of a trial run appointment is totally worth avoiding wedding day makeup stress and bad photos! If you’re really concerned about getting more bang for your buck, schedule your trial run for the day of your engagement photos! Don’t forget to ask the makeup artist for photos of previous work.

Mistake: You got a facial three days before your wedding, and now you’re breaking out!

Avoid It: Scheduling a facial so close to your wedding is extremely risky as they often cause redness and breakouts (ugh!) for a few days. Schedule your appointment for approximately two weeks before the big day. This will give any reactions or skin breakouts time to clear up.

Mistake: You tried using sunless tanner the day before your wedding and now your skin is streaky!

Avoid It: Let’s be honest, tanning in any way, shape or form right before the big day has potential to be a disaster. Sunless tanner can turn your skin orange and streaky; fake baking can leave you burned; and lying out by the pool causes awkward tan lines! If you’re really concerned about being too pale for the big day, try getting a professional spray tan days in advance. Definitely do a trial run or two to make sure you like how it looks!

— Marianne O. McGoldrick

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  1. If you’re wearing a veil or other accessories, remember to take them into account when choosing your style.

  2. Choose a style you feel comfortable with that will complement your face shape and hair type but still photograph well

  3. If you don’t look great with all your hair off your face, don’t wear it that way.

  4. But don’t let a hairstyle you love on someone else win out over what looks best on you.

  5. Then wear it around for a day to see how well the style holds up.

  6. When you go in, have your stylist tweak it until it’s exactly what you want.

  7. Remember, trial runs are crucial.

  8. Someone experienced in doing hair for events can help you create a look that you’ll feel great in and will hold up throughout the festivities.

  9. As with all appointments with a stylist, bringing pictures to communicate what appeals to you is helpful, but be open to their advice about what will work.

  10. If someone with frizzy hair is getting married on a boat in May, when it’s misty, a straightened or sleek look might not be realistic.

  11. whether it’s indoors or outdoors,

  12. but also the time of year you’re getting married,

  13. The right style not only depends on the dress

  14. A professional who knows bridal hair can help guide you in creating a look that makes sense

  15. Even if you consider your regular stylist to be a hair genius, make sure he or she is skilled at wedding and event hair before bringing them into the picture.

  16. definately not a day for experiments on thy self

  17. dont get spray tan the same day

  18. you cant afford for this to happen on your special day

  19. If all these happened to one bride it would be a SAD! SAD! Day

  20. use the experts to avoid these disasters

  21. boy….using a professional is also important.

  22. NEVER try something new on your wedding day FULLSTOP

  23. It’s important to do beauty things ahead of the big day and not on it to avert disasters.

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