10 Wedding Cake Tips from Helen G

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At Helen G Events for brides getting married in Jamaica and everywhere the wedding cake is important and will be on display your entire wedding reception and photographed as well. So paying attention to the wedding cake is important Check out our top 10 wedding cake tips below. Please note our wedding cake tips are not in order of importance:

Wedding Cake tip #1: A square cake will yield 10 to 30 percent more than a round one. So if you arent stuck on having a round cake this could be a viable option for you.

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Wedding Cake Tip #2: You can choose a small display cake or choose a display cake where only the bottom tier is real for cutting  and then serve sheet cakes. This will help keep this cost factor down.

Wedding Cake Tip #3: If you are on a budget you can serve the display cake instead of doing additional sheet cakes and the display cake.

Wedding Cake Tip #4: Remember the main reason why wedding cakes cost alot is the design, so  if you are on a budget the simpler the cake the more budget friendly it will be. So  simple but nice is the way to go as shown below.

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Wedding Cake Tip #5: Another way to save money on your wedding cake for your wedding in Jamaica is to reduce the number of tiers on the cake. You can choose a very nice design but with less tiers and still have a fabulous cake.

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Wedding Cake Tip #6: If you are doing a cake tasting the maximum number of people that should be there is 4 and ensure one is the groom. Remember the saying "Two many cooks spoil the broth" this applies to weddings too and persons you bring in when making important decisions.

Wedding Cake Tip#7: Find the best cake baker your money can buy. Ask your wedding planner or wedding venue for suggestions. Also think about the last time you loved a piece of wedding cake. Then find out from the bride or groom who baked it!"

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Wedding Cake Tip #8: When choosing your wedding cake you need to consider the weather. If you are having a wedding outdoors in Jamaica you need to stay away from butter cream, meringue and whipped cream. Fondant is a safer option.

Wedding Cake Tip #9: Do not forget to use the correct table and table size for your display. Most persons forget these details.

Wedding Cake Tip #10: If you are storing you wedding cake for a first anniversary be careful of freezer burner. Suggestion from the Knot "Think about indulging on your two-week or one-month anniversary, and treat yourself to a fresh cake in the same flavor when you've survived the first year. If you must adhere to tradition, wrap the cake in plastic wrap, then bag it in an airtight baggie. Stay away from aluminum foil — it might not protect against freezer burn as well as plastic wrap because it's not an airtight material."

At Helen G  Events we know you are on a budget and we are willing to work with you to get you to your ideal price point or budget. We are also open to suggestions. But the wedding cake tips above should be a good start for you when trying to select that perfect cake for your wedding in Jamaica.

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  1. Marzipan and sugar flowers can be accented with real ivy leaves and your imagination is the only limit to the size and appearance of your special cake.

  2. Ribbons, flowers, bows and swirls can be created from pulled or blown sugar, icing, pastiage or a combination of tasty ingredients and the real thing.

  3. and pipe on any color to match your theme.

  4. or rolled fondant or marzipan.

  5. Your cake can be frosted with basic butter cream frosting

  6. each tier can be made of different cakes so you can please everyone.

  7. You don’t even have to stop at one flavor,

  8. If you have a favorite cake, most experienced pastry chef can decorate it in just the way you want.

  9. or cakes with a mousse filling.

  10. or you can delight the palate with cheesecake

  11. you can have fruit or pound cakes

  12. You can choose standard chocolate and vanilla,

  13. There are so many choices available

  14. Your cake can pull together your colors and wedding theme in one beautiful, delicious package.

  15. It will be featured prominently in your wedding pictures and it will be a focal point for your guests when they arrive at the reception hall.

  16. The cake is one of the most prevalent symbols of your wedding.

  17. Helen G will work with you regardless of your budget

  18. Square cake is a very viable option for real

  19. fruit cake – the # one choice for Jamaican weddings

  20. what flavour do you want for your cake?

  21. how many persons are you expecting to serve?

  22. these are some important questions that must be answered before you finalised your cake arrangement and sign a contract

  23. there are many shapes that you can get your cake in too!

  24. would you prefer a themed cake?

  25. what style do you want for your wedding cake?

  26. before you book your wedding cake make sure the provider knows your budget

  27. one can also use a real cake and decorate dummy cakes.

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